Krider Racing Integra Earns Massive 1,500-Lap 24 Hours Of LeMons Penalty

If you're going to get hit with a serious BS Inspection penalty at a LeMons race, you might as well go out in a blaze of glory! That's how it went with Krider Racing today.

Even though the Krider guys won the LeMons SF '08 race in their Integra, they figured the level of competition has been ratcheted up to unforeseen new levels in the meantime and decided to do a little equalizing for this race. Actually, a little too much equalizing, and we found a lot of snazzy parts that couldn't quite be shoehorned within a $500 budget. Now, it's pretty easy to bend the rules at LeMons, but when you go too far... bust time! Chief Perp Lamm starting talking about a 3-figure lap penalty, and at that point Rob Krider decided it was best to show those other racers how a real racer takes his penalty: "Give us 1,500 laps! And I don't want anyone getting more!" Which means a certain Miata- no, not the Ghettocharged one, which got zero- appears to be looking right down the barrel of, oh, 1,499 laps.
Judging goes on until 9:00 PM, so I'm going to take a break from freezing my fingers on this laptop and get back to freezing them on so-called junkyard adjustable coilovers. Check in tomorrow for lots more LeMons action!


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