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LeBaron Turbo: Luxury and Performance

Illustration for article titled LeBaron Turbo: Luxury and Performance

From the faded luxury sleeper department comes this Chrysler Lebaron turbo. Grandma picked up the turbo K-car off the showroom floor and passed it on to this guy, who installed a manual boost controller along with an exhaust and brought it out to the track. Running 20 pounds of boost the turbo K clicked off the quarter mile clocks in the mid-thirteen second zone. After being stamped into dozens of somewhat different variants that stretched across numerous brands, it was the K-car that saved Chrysler last time around. At the nexus of this cross-engineered platform jamboree was the Chryslerati, which saved neither Chrysler nor Maserati from anything but opera windows.


Chryslerati on eBay!; Death to the K Car! Woman Saws Aries in Half [Internal]

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maybe Chrsyler needs to add some specialty "K" branded vehicles?

Like a 300K?

Crossfire k?

cuz, you know, "K" stands for performance!