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Not since the debut of the Cordoba has a small Chrysler given you so much of what you needed. The TC by Maserati was the zenith of K-platform technology and truly a force to be reckoned with. You can have your Allant s, your Reattas, your etceteras and similars. But the Chryslerati? Now that, friends, predated the '70s-retro trend by close to a decade. No reserve, currently at $1,500. Plus, according to the seller, "This 1990 Chrsler Tc by Maserati is considered by many to be a collectible." And with an endorsement like that, how can you go wrong? [Thanks to Bumbeck for the tip.]

1990 Chrysler : Tc [eBay]

"In Cordoba, I Have What I Need" [Internal]


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