Leather-Clad Catrinel Menghia Whips Fiat Back Into Shape In Three New Abarth Ads

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Building on the success of their Super Bowl ad, Fiat's brought back Romanian model Catrinel Menghia to for three new Abarth-flavored ads.

The first is called "Winning," where Menghia returns to slapping mild-mannered men, this time over a race, saying "Facciamo un giro?" (Shall we have a go?), and "Chi ti credi ti essere?" (Who do you think you are?).


None of these ads are as clever as the first slap-filled ad ("Seduction"), but they don't really have to be. I'm no Peggy Olson, but I can tell that if you put a hot foreign model next to a hot foreign car, that car is going to become a lust object.

Click through our slideshow of Fiat ads up top to see the other two.

Next, Menghia cruises around Las Vegas for no reason other than to make us drool in "Sin City."

In "Burning Up the Desert," she poses while her Abarth 500 zips around behind her. A full leather suit is not recommended desert attire, but Menghi doesn't seem worried about dehydration and/or heat stroke.