Fiat's sexy Abarth ad grabs buyers by the stickshift

It's not just that we're getting Europe's hot hatch wonders like the Fiat 500 Abarth, but now the sex-sells ads of Europe are coming over, too. TV advertising may be melting our brains into mush, but so long as Fiat's new spokeslady is the one doing it, we don't really mind.

I hope this trend continues and we get to see Mercedes' new campaign featuring a sturdy Wagnerian Helga pitching the CLS63.


And did you notice her scorpion tattoo?

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Ferrari would be a super hot chick who just stands in the center of the room and whenever anyone touches her she lights their pants on fire.

Alfa would be an incredibly beautiful woman who looks amazing and then she takes a step forward and her legs fall off.

Ford would be a good looking girl, seemingly well balanced but she cant use her phone properly so you give her a bad rating

Chevy would be girl who used to be overweight, droll and just not nice. Now shes ok.

Dodge would be a fat chick who can outdrink you and calls you a pussy all the time.

GM would be a girl who was pretty ugly and stupid so she went and got a ton of money for plastic surgery. She looks better, but youre still wary of any underlying problems.

Chrysler would be the Fiat girls sister. Cute, but you cant stop looking at the other one.