I know leaked images are always pretty exciting, but, to be fair, this car has already proven to be leakier than the radiators in any liquid-cooled car I seem to own. First we got a big hint at the look of the resurrected 8 Series via the concept, we’ve seen the test mules, and at the beginning of the year, we saw what appears to be the car itself. Now, before its official release during LeMans, we’re seeing the official photos from BMW.

These pics come from the Russian website Auto Review, and compared to the leaked car we saw in January, this looks like the real deal.


Compared to the concept, it’s all been toned down a bit: the headlights are less squinty, the kidney grilles are a bit smaller, the proportions are a bit less concept-car dramatic, and the production car is burdened with all the jewelry of the real world: marker lights, radar emitter windows, tow hook covers, door handles, and so on.

Still, the look is remarkably close, especially at the rear, and it’s a handsome, striking car.

We reached out to BMW for comment, but I’m not going to counsel any breath-holding.

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