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The problem with the Lamborghini Murcielago is that with its four wheel drive, you can keep pushing the car faster and faster until BAM you fly off the road and crash into a highway sign, like this old guy in Colorado.


A Jalopnik reader saw the crash Wednesday morning and described how it looked to have gone down.

It appears the driver tried taking the southbound I-70 on ramp off of eastbound Hwy 58 with a little too much speed and ended up sliding in the grass until they came to a rest against a street sign. He managed to hit hard enough to completely break off the front driver's-side wheel, but at least he left his scissor door open to show off the Italian red leather.

The rich old guy looked dazed, but unhurt. He was probably just glad his car didn't burn to a crisp, which isn't uncommon for these crashes.


(Hat tip to Zach!)

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