Lamborghinis versus planes in the Saudi desert

Lamborghini's latest exotics borrow heavily from the aerodynamic designs of modern aviation. Makes sense for a group of enthusiasts in a rainbow of Lamborghinis to meet up with a team of pilots for the ultimate desert dogfight.

Photographer Mokhtar Chanine journeyed out to Rabigh Airport in Saudi Arabia to bring us these amazing images of Gallardos trading runway time with Cessnas as part of the first Rabigh Wings Aviation meet.


Sponsored by the Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy, the event was designed "in the spirit of matching g-forces in the air versus g-forces on the ground." A noble pursuit if there ever was one, even if the cars are only related to Audis.

To do this they let the planes and cars loose on a 1.5-mile runway where the cars were able to hit speeds approaching 200 mph in formation with a few of the low-flying aircraft. In terms of pure speed the limited runway distance gives a clear advantage to the planes. On the road course the Lamborghinis have the clear advantage, able to taxi at speeds not recommended for most aircraft.

A quick look at the photos reveals a large variety of the most recent Murcielagos and Gallardos, including an LP650-4, an SV, roadsters, and at least one Balboni Edition. On the plane side it's a collection of Pipers and Cessnas. Advantage Lamborghini, if only for the numerous color options.


Ultimately, the event was less a competition and more a place for car owners and pilots to come together to experience the beauty of speed. And aviator sunglasses. Everyone there loves aviators.


All photos copyright and courtesy of Mokhtar Chanine. View the full 705-image set on his website.

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