Lamborghini Asshat Blocks Handicapped Spots, Gets Boxed In By Cops

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In some ways, you really have to admire the douchebaggery-double-down that this Lamborghini Gallardo owner pulled off. It's not just a jerky parking job across two spots, or parking in a handicapped space —this guy parked in the access aisle between two handicapped spots, making two — possibly four — handicapped spots unusable. Impressive.

This impressive triumph of assholery was spotted by reader Paul Ryan (not that one), who took this shot of a pair of cop cars boxing in this bold experimenter in privilege and dickishness. I'm guessing they'll present him with some sort of Medal of Achievement, or something?


The more I think about this, the more I think this Lambo owner really nailed the absolute most asshole-ish place to park. If you look at this diagram here, you can see what that striped area is for — it's an access aisle for people in wheelchairs.


So, by putting the Lambo there, not only are they taking a handicapped spot to get nice and close to that Target, but they're making two entire handicapped spots unusable — possibly four, because it looks like the Lambo is parked across the dividing line between the two facing sets of handicapped spots.

Amazing effort here. How's this person going to top this? Blocking the emergency entrance of a puppy and kitten vet? Shitting on a couple of American flags? I can't wait — this person is a master.