"Ladder To Heaven" Balloon-Borne Fireworks Display Wows In China

A 1,650-foot long, 18-foot wide fireworks “ladder,” made of steel and gunpowder, lit up the sky over Quanzhou, China. The ladder, which used a balloon to loft it high above the ground, was the dream of Cai Guoqiang, the same artist who produced the incredible fireworks display during the Beijing Olympics.

The unique fireworks display was said to have been a thank you to the artist’s grandmother for supporting his dreams as a young man, which sure makes that scribbled thank you note you sent to grandma after getting a sweater last Christmas seem inadequate, doesn’t it?


I give it six months before Disney copies this for their well-known fireworks displays. I mean they already have a flying, fire spewing dragon so what is a ladder to heaven right?

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