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Koenigsegg's Mad Genius CEO Can Track Every Koenigsegg Customer Car From His Phone

 Image Credit: Koenigsegg
Image Credit: Koenigsegg

Mad genius and gravity skeptic Christian von Koenigsegg takes special pride in his cars. So much so that he is able to track the whereabouts of almost every one of them with his smartphone, because it allows him to have a personal connection with each customer to optimize their ownership experience.


Koenigsegg spoke with CarBuzz at the Geneva Motor Show about his ability to see every single GPS equipped car anywhere on the globe. He has a specially developed app on his phone where he can bring up the location and activity of each vehicle. This might sound like some intrusive “Big Brother” stuff, but it’s more like OnStar with the very guy who made your supercar. Christian says he uses this information to gather data and feedback as to how these cars are used so he can make constant improvements to current and future models.


Every Koenigsegg has a built-in app as well that allows them to receive 4G over-the-air updates for their cars directly from Sweden, very similar to how Tesla will send updates to its fleet of vehicles. In addition, each owner can GPS locate their own car in case they forgot where to park it as well as get lap times and racetrack stats if they choose to let their ‘Segg loose at a local circuit.

This software came in handy when Christian himself owned some poor fool on Twitter who claimed to be driving a One:1 when, in fact, that was not the case.

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“Hey Kevin? Yeah it’s Christian...doing great buddy, how about yourself? Oh that’s good, hey while I have you on the phone why is your car at Pagani?”