There’s something so viscerally satisfying about this, and there’s important lesson as well. Look, if you’re going to lie on Twitter about having an absurdly exclusive supercar to drive around, best to not tag the only people in the world who know you’re lying. Like this guy did, with a black Koenigsegg One:1.

The claim of One:1-having was made by Alejandro Novarro, who describes himself as a “professional karting driver,” maker of EDM music (and a DJ-Producer ‘in-progress’). Also, if you were curious, he has

“Passion for the Gastronomy, Tennis & Fashion.”

Who doesn’t love the gastronomy, right? Hell, I always wanted to be a gastronomer. Anyway, our man here seems to be spending some luxuriant time in Monte Carlo, and he wanted to let the world know (well, at least his 486 followers) that he has an incredible black Koenigsegg One:1 to hoon. As he says in his Tweet:

My beast [purple demon head] [fire] [wind or fart] for driving tonight on Monte-Carlo streets [sunglass face] [fingers signing roman numeral 5] [crescent moon] [palm tree] #BestMate @koenigsegg #OneBlack 450kn.h #IsARealMadness!

Of course, the actual Tweet has been deleted, so here’s a full screenshot:


Please note he tagged @koenigsegg, the people who built the car. Also, the only people who will know for sure if that particular car has been sold or not, and, roughly, where it is. That brings us to Koenigsegg’s response:


Oh boy. Ängelholm, Sweden is where Koenigsegg is based, and, interestingly, that black One:1 is as well. A quick consultation to your desktop globe will confirm that Monte Carlo is not in Sweden, and Mr. Navarro may not have been telling the truth about the beast he’ll be driving tonight on Monte Carlo streets. It may be more likely that a rental Fiat Panda #IsARealMadness.

Alex, come on buddy, use your head. Don’t tag the company that makes insanely rare cars in Tweets where you lie about driving them! This just ends in tears. Of you know, laughter for us, embarrassment for you.


Those tears.

(thanks MOTOR FB Page for the original screencaps of the tweets and Freddy for showing me!)


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