Kiwis And Steak Sauce: Germany's Nico Hulkenberg Takes Double Win In New Zealand A1GP

Although you're probably more interested in the "grid girls" — Team Germany's Nico Hulkenberg took the double win in Taupo, New Zealand, running in first place from start to finish in both the morning Sprint race as well as the afternoon Feature race. The win times two puts Hulkenberg's highly precise team firmly in the top spot in the "World Cup of Motorsport" standings. The nation of Bruce now has 65 points going into the next race in Sydney, Australia on February 4th, firming up the lead over new-to-second-place France with 46 points and the new-to-third-place hometown boys from New Zealand with 43 points. Coincidentally, that's also how the three nations finished the Feature race, allowing the 80,000 and some-odd crowd to bear witness to the first A1 Team — New Zealand's Jonny Reid, obvs — to place a driver on the podium in front of their home crowd. Still, the comment of the day's got to go to Germany's Hulkenberg, who told us everything we could ever want to know about the steak sauce man-love as he described the race:

"I got into my rhythm, I was able to find my pace and I could make a little gap between us. My manager was a little bit sick this week and I think I have caught something off him but I am all right."


Next time maybe Nico should use some protection, because the rhythm method's not going to protect him from nasty bugs — or even unintended pregnancy for that matter. Full gallery of the race — including the always awesome "grid girls" — below, courtesy of A1GP.


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