Nevermind The Neutrality In Sepang: Swiss Steal Pole Position From New Zealand And Germany

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This image was lost some time after publication.

A1GP qualifying results are in from Sepang, and A1 Team Switzerland's Neel Jani's sealed his second straight pole position in the Malaysian Grand Prix, beating out Kiwi Jonny Reid and the highly-precise German racer Nico H lkenberg by only two tenths of a second. Team USA's Philip Giebler came in at the middle of the pack, placing 11th in this week's race of the "World Cup of Motorsport." The results determine the starting positions for a 20-minute sprint race starting around 11:00 AM local time tomorrow. If anyone's left who hasn't crashed on the oft-soaked Sepang track — then the results of that sprint race will determine the grid for the 70-minuite feature race set to commence at 3:00 PM local time tomorrow. Wonder if NASCAR should maybe switch to that format — It would certainly be a way to add some excitement, eh? We'll have more coverage pending any spectacular crashes and/or death-defying (or non-defying as it were) racing, as it occurs. UPDATE: Now with updated and correct picture!

A1GP Sepang International Circuit, Sepang, Malaysia [A1GP]

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eltonito — come on man, I may not be from the Bay Area, or even Montana for that matter...but I've still heard of Steel Pole Bathtub. But until you said it — I didn't even see it. Must have been my mind playing some subconscious tricks on me. ;)