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Lola, whose chassis have dominated the Champ Car field as of late, is a bit perturbed that the series has inked a deal with Panoz to supply cars for the series. The British race car manufacturer has been building Champ Cars since the 1970, but it's not their only meal ticket, as they're the sole supplier to the new A1GP, their LMP2 competes in prototype sports car racing and they're working on a new LMP1 chassis, among other things.

Still, the Panoz deal's gotta smart some. Says Lola chair Martin Birrane, "I am surprised at their decision not to choose Lola as their partner for the 2007 series." He then went on to add, in a choice bit of press-release-ese, "Lola continue to be a world leader in many industries which is a result of sound business principles providing technical innovation and excellence." Gee, thanks for the reminder, Marty.

Lola surprised by Champ Car choice. []

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