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That's the hero of the day, New Zealand's sweat-soaked Jonny Reid, being grasped by a man we can only assume is his pit chief in what we can only assume is a hetero cele-brah-tion after Reid picked up the pole on his way to a victory for the boys and girls from Aotearoa during this morning's 15-lap sprint race. The win was the first ever for New Zealand in the "World Cup of Motorsport," but the celebration didn't end with the pole party above. Because in the steak sauce Grand Prix, they give you a second race, a "two-fer" if you will. Reid's sprint win gave him the pole for the Feature race — which he went on to dominate as well, giving New Zealand it's second win in A1GP racing. Sounds like a reason for the man-love to us. As for Team USA — driver Phil Giebler, after an inspiring fourth place finish in the morning's 15-lap, continued the American team's quest for slowness, coming in a man-love-less 9th place — but only after the disqualification of Team Netherlands allowed USA to move up one spot in the final results. Full race-day gallery below, if only because it gives us the chance to show you a picture of two Canadian men wearing shorts in a rickshaw.

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