Kid Uses Dad's Sheriff's Car To Harass His Ex And Rob Her New Boyfriend

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A 22-year-old Sheriff’s cadet named Christopher Combs has a father who’s a Palm Beach, Florida, Sheriff’s lieutenant. What he doesn’t seem to have is any sense whatsoever, since he used his dad’s unmarked Sheriff’s car to pull over his ex and screw with her and her new boyfriend.


Around midnight this past Saturday, Combs and two friends repeatedly drove past his ex and her new partner as they drove their Ford Bronco along a rural road. At this time Combs was in a pickup truck, but soon returned to his home to trade the truck for his dad’s unmarked Ford Taurus squad car.

Then, according to the SunSentinel, Combs found the couple again, put on the red and blue lights, and pulled their car over. Combs used the car’s public address system to talk to the couple, who, of course, recognized his voice immediately.


In fact, when Combs ordered the new boyfriend out of the car, he stated that he could hear the voice laughing.” That sort of makes you wonder why he did get out of the car at all, but I guess a real Sheriff’s vehicle carries enough inherent authority to compensate for the giggling.

The new boyfriend was instructed to empty his pockets, and a passenger from the Sheriff’s car approached the boyfriend, placed a “metal object” against his head, and stole his wallet and pocketknife.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera wrote in an email to the SunSentinel that the

“son has been fired, effective right now!”

Combs has been charged with armed robbery, impersonating a law enforcement officer and false imprisonment, and is currently out on a $120,000 bond.


I’m also guessing that he’s not going to be a Sheriff anytime soon, and I’d peg his chances of getting back with his girlfriend to be pretty slim as well.

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He used a Ford Taurus. The photo for this post shows a Fusion. I thought this was a car blog with some integrity?