Ken Block's Gymkhana Practice Video Reveals "Big Oops"

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Being a discerning car enthusiast, you've seen this infamous Ken Block Gymkhana clip a million times. Today we bring you the crashes, outtakes and foibles that went into it's production. Enjoy the infectiously addictive soundtrack!

Two days worth of shooting went into Ken Block's infamous Gymkhana practice clip, so it's safe to assume a large amount of glorious footage had to go to the cutting room floor - no matter how hoontacular. Thankfully, the guys over at DC Shoes and Mad Media knew we'd have a hankerin' for some more tire shredding and assembled a compilation clip of everything that didn't get into the first lineup. Sit back with a tire dust whippet and enjoy.


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Ok, so he has skills that Ken Block, that's for sure, but is he really the flatbill d-bag that he comes off as in this video? Please tell me no. Someone. Anyone?


I've lost the nerve for embedding, so a link instead. Please for having preview back?