Ken Block Slays Tires In Four Cars And A Truck To Make Gymkhana 10 As Awesome As Ever

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Screenshot: Gymkhana Files on Amazon Prime

If you haven’t been watching Gymkhana Files, what have you been doing with your life? It just might be the most entertaining series of automotive serial programming in years, giving viewers bite-sized pieces of the drama, mental breakdown, and difficulty that goes into filming something as grandiose as Gymkhana has become. What started out as a lark, just a dude doing dumb shit in an abandoned airfield with his Subaru, has come to define at least a subsection of automotive culture for the last decade.


Perhaps more importantly, Gymkhana 10 was released at the tail end of the season finale on Friday, and it’s mind-bending.

With five completely distinct vehicles in five completely distinct locations, Gymkhana 10 is more over-the-top and ambitious than any before it. The proximity stunts are tighter than ever, the cars are more wild than ever, and the visuals are more stunning than ever.

Gym Ten is 18 minutes of insanity from start to finish, giving each location and vehicle a handful of minutes each to seek and destroy every last shred of amazement your brain is capable of.

The Ford WRC racer in Sweden kicks things off with a bang, as the crew cut a huge circle in the ice and spun it, giving Ken a small iceberg upon which to do donuts around a fire. Then it’s off to shred tunnels in Detroit with the Hoonicorn Mustang, blowing my mind with a fire-spitting high-speed blast under the Joe and a drift around the fist. South of the border things get rowdy with a Focus RS RX, setting up a tunnel jump that looks like it’s out of a video game. The Escort RS Cosworth [RIP] does night runs through a warehouse without tires, shooting sparks every whichway.


But truly, it’s the Hoonitruck that steals the show, and rightfully so. That thing is a Le Mans-powered monster that can consume your head with just one of its two massive turbos, and makes more smoke than a California forest fire. That truck was built for the insane skids it does in Texas, and the precise work that Ken does with such a long bed hanging out behind him is truly impressive. Somehow they managed to make the Ford GT’s Ecoboost V6 sound decent, too.


It’s an absolute trip from start to finish, and you should probably give it a watch right now. Gymkhana 10 picks up at about 34 minutes into episode 8 of Gymkhana Files. It’s really worth watching all of Gymkhana Files, but if you just want to jump straight into the main attraction, you can do that, too. Check it out on Amazon Prime Video right now. The full Gymkhana 10 will be unveiled on YouTube on December 17th, so if you don’t want to give your information to daddy Bezos, you can still watch it, just not yet.

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For Sweden

This is cool and all, but does Ken Block really need a full-size pickup to do this?  How often does he haul cinder blocks or tow a boat?