Just In Case You Ever Forget You're Batshit Insane, You Better Get This Boxster Go Kart

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You know how sometimes you'll catch yourself, say, doing your taxes or considering life insurance or pouring your fortified wine into an actual glass and you'll think to yourself, "Damn! So this is what adulthood feels like!" Well, if you ever want to make sure you'll never have those disgusting thoughts again, this should be your next ride.

Just looking at the text it can almost seem like a very rational thing: $3500 for a 2001 Porsche Boxster? "Runs good?" How could you go wrong?

Well, you can't really go wrong here, but you can certainly go crazy. Crazy as in a 250 HP body-less mid-engined monster that likely weighs about half of what it did when rational people would be seen in it. The seller's not totally nuts, though, as you can tell by the jauntily-welded square-section-tubing-please-don't-test-it "roll cage" and the thoughtful inclusion of some lights and trailer-aisle turn signals. Also, the sharp parts of the monocoque seem to have duct tape or some grey goop packed on top of them. For, you know, safety.


The ad states the buggy is "very fast" and I sure don't doubt that. I bet this thing is an automatic pants-dampening machine. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

The seller claims it "can be made street legal," probably using the same methods I "can be made a male model" — a colossal and heroic amount of effort and money that's probably not worth it to anyone.


The ideal outcome would be for the seller to hide $3 grand of that asking price so this could be a wildly competitive LeMons racer. Who's up for it?