John Cena's Ford GT Was Listed for Auction Yet Again, Then Taken Down

With a rejection rate that couldn’t even be taken seriously in a rom-com, John Cena’s former Ford GT supercar was listed for auction yet again as of last month—nearly untouched since its last trip across the block. The listing is gone now, though, perhaps sparing the car from another round of hot potato for a little longer.


Reports last month were that Cena’s 2017 GT was back up for sale and scheduled to head to Mecum Auction’s Indianapolis event in May, set to change hands for about the eighth time since Cena originally took delivery of the 647-horsepower, $450,000 car in September 2017. That’s despite the fact that Ford bars original owners from reselling the car—rather unsuccessfully, in this case—within their first two years of owning it. With how often it gets tossed from owner to owner, Cena’s old GT is basically the supercar equivalent of a football.

But the link to the most recent listing now ends in an error page, and a Mecum spokesperson confirmed to Jalopnik that the consignment has been removed.

The removal of a listing seems like it should be an owner deal, but with Mecum, it’s a little tricky. After a lawsuit involving another GT the auction house sent across the block before its end of the two-year agreement, Mecum agreed to not facilitate the sales of any more GTs within their two-year limit without Ford’s blessing. Cena’s GT is a special case, considering the lawsuits around its resales were settled, but Jalopnik still asked Mecum if the removal had to do with the Ford agreement or something else. We’ll update this story if we hear back.

Cena’s former GT has gone through a lot of drama in the year and a half since he first got it, including the two lawsuits over its resale. Ford sued Cena and a dealer the car went through after he sold it, and both lawsuits were later settled while the car started jumping across the auction block on regular intervals.

The GT started with Cena, who got it on Sept. 23, 2017. Ford learned that Cena had sold it on Oct. 20 of that year with almost no miles on the clock, and it then went through at least one other dealer before landing at the dealer Ford sued in California. It went from there to a private owner, who put nearly 600 miles on it before selling the GT due to back problems.

The GT then went back to the dealer, to auction through Russo and Steele with 625 miles on the odometer, and across the block for $1.4 million in August 2018. It was listed again the next month for Mecum’s Dallas auction with 626 miles on it, where it sold for $1.3 million. Just a few months later, this now-removed listing came, and Motor Authority reports that it had the car listed at 635 miles on it—just 10 more than it had more than half a year ago.


You know, scratch that thing from earlier comparing Cena’s former Ford GT to a rom-com. Cena’s former Ford GT is a rom-com, with one lonely car and a whole lot of people who see lots of dollar signs instead of what it can offer deep down, in a lasting relationship.

Someone go fetch us a sappy narrator.

Staff writer, Jalopnik



You should be damned to an eternity of rush hour on the 405 in an ‘89 Daihatsu Charade for buying a car like this and driving it *one fucking mile* before selling it. Jalopnik should publish photos this poor car’s owners so those of us in the Jalop Army can run up and punch them in the dick and balls on sight.