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Jeremy Clarkson and Chuck Yeager Are in a Twitter Fight Over Airplanes

the AVIs in question
the AVIs in question

Jeremy Clarkson, old man who once had a travel show about stereotyping Dutch people and other European nationalities, just actually’d the guy who broke the sound barrier. This is the amazingly dumb Twitter fight I needed today.


This all began with Chuck Yeager, the guy who strapped in to an orange bullet with a rocket on the back and said what the hell let’s see what happens, chimed in on Twitter to be his usual self. Basically, here’s some cool supersonic history stuff all of you might enjoy. Thanks, Chuck.


This was not taken well by Clarkson, and he could not let Chuck Yeager have this one.

So the old man back and forth continued...


... and remains unresolved.


I can’t say that I’m an expert on any of this, but I did get a degree in history studying the history of technology. It’s a fascinating field, and going over it is always illuminating and interesting. But I know from experience that the one thing you do not want to do is try to argue who or which individual is responsible for what first, as everyone disagrees and misunderstands and everything gets extraordinarily messy.

Perfect for Twitter, at least.

(Hat tip to Rob!)

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I met Chuck Yeager (he lives by my parents) and he is an all around awesome dude. Still sharp, and has stores of being a pilot during the war that will give you goose bumps.

Going with my gut, I would trust Chuck Yeager’s version of history 10 time out of 10. He was there working on the development, on the cutting edge. Even if Clarkson is correct in reciting information he read (which....), still that’s a summary of events someone else put together. I would give more credence to the developers and test pilots themselves. Chuck Yeager is my hero.