It is widely accepted that Twitter is a horrible place, full of Nazis, misogynists, near-provocations of nuclear war with North Korea and people who openly call themselves Thought Leaders. But! Every now and then something good happens on Twitter. This is one of those times, and the result is a ton of Top Gear episodes I’d love to watch.

Meet @TopGearFeatures, which is a bot, like most Twitter accounts. But this one is full of video (or story) ideas that are objectively great. Behold:


It’s a good format: car, gimmick, celebrity, destination. Basically every fodder for every “TONIGHT...” your twisted imagination could come up with, and/or a bunch of great magazine feature ideas that editors everywhere are now scrambling to steal. I haven’t seen anything this good since Jalopnik Is Hip

Who even runs that? I should look into that, maybe.