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This Is Why You Pay Attention To The Account You're Tweeting From

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Uh-oh: someone forgot they were logged into the official, corporate IndyCar Series account. Worse yet, they mentioned the son of the United States’ preeminent Twitter troll in the process. Ohhhh nooooooo.

Someone with access to IndyCar’s Twitter presence accidentally (but briefly!) posted the following tweet out on the series’ official account:

Not saying Donald Trump Jr. Is becoming a liability to the Russians, but don’t sell off your Polonium stocks any time soon. #itswhattheydo.


While it may be good that someone in the Indyverse appears concerned about Donald Trump Jr.’s personal well-being, this tweet was a bit off-brand for IndyCar—a series deeply embedded into the proud identity of the state that gave us Mike Pence. (Sorry, Indiana. Feel free to insert a solid #NotAllIndianans here if you’d like, as we Texans do to cope with Rick Perry. You know, our ex-governor who got soundly beaten by Lovely IndyCar Man James Hinchcliffe on Dancing With The Stars.)

This accidental political tweet, of course, led to a lot of confusion on Twitter, not to mention speculation about the future employment status of the person who accidentally tweeted it.


Cut the guy some slack. Mistakes happen, and they’re way too easy in this bizarro internet age where tweeting from the wrong account is one misplaced finger away.

We’ve seen dumber things on Twitter this week anyway.

[H/T El Fenix!]