Jeep Stops Head-Bobbing: LaSorda Pissed At Everyone, Sends Marketing For Jeep Brand Out To Bid

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Apparently Tom LaSorda's got some serious rage going on today. We're assuming it's about the terrible head-bobbing ads for the Jeep Compass and not just random displays of bravado in the face of what'll more than likely be a terrible Valentine's Day tomorrow. The ads, which were criticized by both the ad pundit class (for being well, head-bobbing) as well as dealers (for showing nada in the way of details on the new "urban-uv") were created by the ad house, Global Hue, but were to be shunned in favor of something from the folks at BBDO Detroit. Unfortunately, as AdAge is reporting today — the creative seen by the CEO of the 'merican half of the German-American hybrid apparently...


...sucked ass. Thus, they're going out to bid to what's being termed as

"a "limited number" of undisclosed Omnicom Group agencies...including BBDO Detroit..."

We'll see what happens, but we're getting a bit worried about the BBDO "A-team" and are wondering whether we'll still be able to continue calling them that. Although in all fairness — anything would be better than that damned bobble-head campaign.

Omnicom Agencies Invited to Pitch for Jeep Assignment [AdAge]

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