There are four ads for the Jeep Compass featuring bobblehead dolls head-bobbing at each other. Each of the four make an attempt at being funny, and then just as quickly, they each fail. On top of that, they're just creepy as hell, and there's no real explanation for who, what, why, where...and to be honest, we couldn't give a rat's ass how. The best thing we can say is the music by KRS-One, which we think is called "Steady Bounce" is not as annoying as Celine Dion, but also not as good as the Chris Classic/Nazareth "Charger: Unleashed" mash-up. But we expect more out of a powerhouse like BBDO Detroit who we know can do it and do it well, so we're going to give them a pass on this one. It'll be like a "gimmie" or a "do-over" โ€” we're going to pretend we never saw these and just hope they use it. UPDATE: Turns out the citations we found attached to the commercials were incorrect. It wasn't BBDO Detroit, but rather a company called "Global Hue." We don't know what they've done before, but we hope whatever it was made up for these ads. The first and "best" is sitting up top, the rest of they-who-must-not-be-named are just a click away.


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