James Garner's '72 Cutlass Baja Racer Is Best Baja Racer

Jay Leno says "if Oldsmobile would have built this thing, they'd still be in business". He also screams like a child while he drives it. Wouldn't you?

Here's an Oldsmobile Cutlass like you've never seen before, from a time when Baja was all about cars instead of prototype trucks like today. Back then, geniuses like Vic Hickey looked at cars like the Cutlass, and thought "hey, that's exactly how a full on crazy rally car should look!"


To make that happen, he built a tubular frame with a V8 where the passenger seat would be for perfect weight distribution, while George Barris himself produced a 2/3 scale fiberglass body for the car with the tachometer on the hood and the spare wheel integrated into the rear bumper. No wonder why Hollywood superstars like James Garner took note...

Also, would you like to hear Jay Leno shout "YEEHA" numerous times? This car clearly turned him into a cowboy with no respect for the law.

Now, I'm torn.

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