How Righteous Is A '68 Dodge Charger On A Rally Course? Very Righteous

What if you went to a rally stage and instead of a typical Impreza or Fiesta, you brought a '68 Charger? Unadulterated excellence.

Well, the guys over at Roadkill didn't only bring a '68 Charger — Subaru paid for them to also bring a Legacy to Dirtfish Rally School (and partial set of Twin Peaks) up in Washington.

I never trust any show to do a set of challenges honestly, but I do trust a 440 big block V8 (pulled out of a motorhome) and rear-wheel drive to do wonders on dirt.

The moral of the story? More RWD V8 rally cars! PRONTO.

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*Voiceover by Marcus Mumford*

Dem Anderson boys, Tyler and Logan, were sure up to no good. Hopefully, Uncle Elijah and cousin Madison will be able to bail them out in time to bootleg their single source coffee to Portland in time.

*cue Mumford and Sons, cut to commercial*