Jalopnik's Turn To Drive! Round II Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game

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We know everyone had fun yesterday with Micki's performance on CNBC — but now it's time for the varsity team — Wert's been asked back for this evening's episode of "On The Money" and should be on at the top of the hour (7:05-7:15). And as you read here earlier today, we've all sorts of thoughts on the GM earnings announcement. So fire up the comments boys and girls (or drop an e-mail to tips@jalopnik.com) — and as we do before each round of the game, let's do a quick update on the rules for tonight's round. The current rules (along with additions in italics) is just a hop, skip and a click of the "continued" link away.


Take 1 drink;
- If the pundit nods with appreciation when his/her name is mentioned.
- Each time the line of questioning turns to the pundit.
- Everytime the eyes shift (2 drinks if eyes shift away from camera).
- When the phrase "it's a global market" is mentioned in its entirety.
- If a company is mentioned as being "close to bankruptcy."
- Every time a panel member says "I think."
- If a panel member nods more than four times without saying anything.
- Everytime an auto manufacturer is negatively compared to Toyota? [Hat tip Evander]


Take 2 drinks;
- If a company is called by a name other than that given by shareholders (ex: "Ford Motor Company" is called "FoMoCo")
- If a celebrity starring in an auto company ad is brought up.
- If a name-drop of any C-level Exec occurs (ex: "Well, when I was having lunch yesterday with Bob Lutz..."
- If a pundit, upon introduction, interrupts the show's flow to say something along the lines of "thanks for having me." [Hat tip Evander]

Finish your beer;
- If someone uses the term "Step 2"
- If the word Jalopnik or the phrase "You're With Me, Jalopnik" is uttered

Down an entire Colt 45;
- If "El Camino" or "caminoization" is mentioned. If you do not have a Colt 45, you must immediately proceed to the local convenience store / bodega / Sleven to purchase one. Player must down it before the game continues.

Finish your beer and another;
- If someone mentions the "Official Auto Pundit Drinking Game"


Line 'Em Up! Round I Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game [internal]

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Because it's about GM:

1 drink:

If the Solstice or Corvette is mentioned.

When a pundit (or the Dylan) attempts to spin the massive loss into a good thing because of the net income.

2 drinks:

If Ray uses the word "retarded," "moronic," or "idiotic" when describing GM. Because that would be totally awesome.