Jalopnik's Former Senior Editor Leaves Starbucks-Like Detroit HQ

Have five months passed already? It appears so — I started as Senior Editor for Jalopnik back on June 2, and I officially take my leave today, November 7. Hanging it up, as it were, and shuffling off this mortal auto blogger/journalist coil, back into the murky, anonymous advertising world. You see, bringing you guys every last drop of automotive information on the wide, wide web requires a level of intensity that this gearhead simply can't maintain, not with two young kids and a 40-year-old British car. Am I going to miss folks dropping off SRT8 Challengers and KITT Mustangs in my driveway? Oh hell yes. And I'll also miss the great group of writers I had the privilege of meeting and working with on a daily basis. Mustang teaser shots? Yeah, those I can live without. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for reading! —Andrew Stoy


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