Jalopnik's Former Senior Editor Leaves Starbucks-Like Detroit HQ

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Have five months passed already? It appears so — I started as Senior Editor for Jalopnik back on June 2, and I officially take my leave today, November 7. Hanging it up, as it were, and shuffling off this mortal auto blogger/journalist coil, back into the murky, anonymous advertising world. You see, bringing you guys every last drop of automotive information on the wide, wide web requires a level of intensity that this gearhead simply can't maintain, not with two young kids and a 40-year-old British car. Am I going to miss folks dropping off SRT8 Challengers and KITT Mustangs in my driveway? Oh hell yes. And I'll also miss the great group of writers I had the privilege of meeting and working with on a daily basis. Mustang teaser shots? Yeah, those I can live without. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for reading! —Andrew Stoy


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Well this sucks.

Not necessarily because we'll miss you — who are you again? — but because you don't have a conveniently bastardized last name like Leaverman. Andrew Just-Couldn't-Stay? No.

Not only that, but you're not going to a line of work where we can easily point-and-mock frequently for your poor choice of abandoning the greatest site clogging up the Series of Tubes.

All kidding aside, I wish you the best. The editorial staff here is beyond fantastic, and you're no exception. Anything that takes away from the fabric that is Jalopnik is saddening to me.

That said. I'd like to toss my name in the ring for getting his job, and choose POLAЯ as my Vice-Editorial running-mate. Vote Deartháir-POLAЯ '08!