Some of you observant types might notice that British Leyland and the Rootes Group were totally separate corporations, but we like to fill up tables think their ads go together quite well!

If you prefer being a nitpicker to being merely observant, you might then point out that the British Leyland name existed only from 1968 to 1986, and thus several of these ads fall outside those boundaries as well. But here at Jalopnik, we defy categorization of obscure European machinery!

When you're done here, you might check out our favorite VW ads, then go right on with the Datsun, Toyota, Mustang, Renault, General Motors, and Chevrolet ads.

a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1972 Triumph TR6 (USA)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1981 Austin Rover (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1966 Austin Mini (Australia)
a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1975 Triumph Spitfire (USA)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1970 Hillman Hunter (Australia)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1975 Triumph, MG (USA)
a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1980 Austin Metro (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1977 Leyland Princess (Germany)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1976 Triumph TR7 (USA)
a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1973 Triumph (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1976 Leyland Princess (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1974 Triumph Spitfire (USA)
a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1981 Triumph Acclaim (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff2003 MG ZR (Spain)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1977 British Leyland (UK)a9635c66-ee14-4c67-9f30-022bf126e1ff1970 Simca 1000 (Spain)