Jalopnik Question Of The Day: How Much Did You Pay For Gas Today?

As I've been want to do recently, I've just posted the exorbitant level of extortion I just received at the local Shell dealership on Woodward Ave straddling the Royal Oak / Birmingham city line. I do this all in the hopes of drowning my sorrows in the screams and cries of others sharing my plight. I mean, yeah, what do I expect — just two weeks ago I was feeling free as a bird, what with gas prices hovering around $2.00 a gallon just two weeks ago. But now I'm brought back down to the crushing pain of reality with prices hitting a more realistic-for-a-post-9-11-world of $2.30-plus per gallon. So lay it on me my auto-lovin' brethren, and tell me, how much did you pay for gas today?



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