Jalopnik Poll: How Low Can Gas Prices Go?

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Ok, it may be a bit ridiculous when gas is cheaper than crappy bottled water. But whatever, I'm in fat city. That's because although I thought I was lucky to fill up at the pump earlier this week at the price of $1.99(9), this morning, not only did I beat that price — I killed it. I drove up to the local Speedway (Maple and Inkster, for those in the area) to top off a media fleet car and I saw a price that made me swoon — the just-above-insane price of $1.85(9) a gallon! Then, because I'm like the industry guy and stuff — it kind of got me thinking how the drop in prices is going to affect auto sales (I know, how lame is that — but whatevs, it's how I roll). Informally we've heard January's going to be a pretty tough month for every automaker (excluding the juggernaut of ToMoCo). So — tell us today in the comments what you folks paid to fill up and then, for a bonus point, help us out with the following question:

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I Just Paid Under Two Bucks A Gallon For Gas! [internal]

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Basing what kind of car I'll own for the next 4-5 years on where gas prices are going in the next 6 months is a rather short-sighted economic decision. That being said, you people all suck, 89 octane costs $2.25 here.