I Just Paid Under Two Bucks A Gallon For Gas!

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What can I say — I'm stoked. After the past two years of un-'merican gas prices, I actually thought I'd never pay under two bucks a gallon again. So, for a guy like me who drives a gas guzzler, I was happy as a clam to fill up at the price of $1.99(9) per gallon at the BP on Woodward Ave in Royal Oak early this morning. I mean seriously, I'm totally loving the stable levels of instability in the Persian Gulf that are allowing prices to drop to their lowest levels since February, 2005. And with news out last Friday of a 15% drop in price per barrel of light sweet crude, we're hearing we could see a drop of another 5-10%. So informally — what did you pay the last time you filled up?


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Kansas City last Saturday: $2.02 for 87. (15 gallons into a rented Escape.)