In what is possibly the closest competition in the Great Beat-Off yet, hope burns strong for that gas-sucking American tradition, the cheap V8.

It looked bad β€” real bad β€” for the Fox Body Mustang, as of fifteen minutes ago it was only ahead of the admittedly brilliant AW11 MR2 by just 0.06 percent, or five out of 8,665 votes. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. The Fox managed to get up to 39 votes ahead out of 8,857, or a 0.44% lead.

There is hope for cheap V8s yet!

And so let us move on for this round of deciding the most affordable, thrashable, crappy/wonderful beater on the market today. Well, the best that isn't the Geo Storm, which will live on in my heart forever (I heart u Geo).

Catch up with last rounds votes right here and see the intro to this whole series to know what the hell I'm talking about right here. If you're looking for an updated bracket, here you go as well.


As always, polls close at noon tomorrow.