Jalopnik Contributor Reveals His Ford Fiesta-Sized Movement

We couldn't let the Fiesta Movement contest go without submitting an entry and since it'd be unfair for Jalopnik to enter one, I decided to enter one on my own. Guess what? You can help!

Ford tells me in choosing entries, they're looking for an ability to draw both comments and YouTube views on the entry. So, here's your chance to shine as Jalopnik commenters. Go crazy! Let's get some serious comment traffic going here and some serious view traffic going over on YouTube to show FoMoCo what JalopMoCo is made of!

Be sure to hit the HD button if you're rocking a broadband connection — now you'll get me swaying in full digital glory.

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Your strange, I like you.