Jaguar F-Type: This Is Definitely It

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The Jaguar F-Type has been slowly stripping and revealing itself before our eyes for the last six months.

While we've had a few glimpses at it in not-so-secretive camo, this is our first peek at the car fully undressed.


A Facebook post by automotive spy photographer Chris Doane shows three F-Types relaxing with each other.

Jaaaaag says that the car is inspired by the C-X16 Concept from last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. To us, it looks like that car with the roof removed. And that ain't a bad thing at all. It truly looks fantastic.

Jaguar has confirmed that this is not a render and that this is the car that will be debuting next week in Paris.


(Hat Tip to @SpeedSportLife!)

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It does look nice but I'm more interested in the coupe. I think its a bad sign when a car with performance car pretensions is released as a convertible first. I feel it indicates who the primary market for the car is intended to be (older, less cool). Imagine Porsche releasing the 911 cabrio before the coupe.