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In a little over a week, Jaguar is going to make a big splash at the Paris Motor Show when it finally stops all the teasing and introduces the Jaguar F-Type to the world.


Some poorly camouflaged cars were just out testing in California, and guess what? The V6 and V8 versions are running around together like old friends.


Jaaaaaag is incredibly excited about the F-Type, and they want everyone else to be as well. The cars have been spotted with limited camo and even advertisements on the side as to what they are and where you can find out more info.

The F-Type will have two V6s and a V8 when it goes on sale, and here we have a peek at both of them together for what just may be the very first time.

Now, the V8 in the F-Type won't be the wussy little 385 horsepower version, since the base V6 already makes 380 ponies. No sir, we're getting one of the hi-po supercharged mills so Jaaaaaag can take the fight right to Aston Martin and Porsche. It's been suggested that the 500 horse version will be in the car, and it isn't even for the F-Type R, just a supercharged version of the car.

We're slightly skeptical that Jaaaag would make an F-Type with as much power as an XKR and not call it an F-Type R or even an RS. One of their trademarks for R-badged cars, at least the XKR and XFR, are quad tailpipes, which are seen here on the F-Type V8.


Call us crazy, but we think that it could be a 500 horsepower F-Type R. Guess we'll find out next week in Paris.

(Big Hat Tip to Tyler!)

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