Jackass Uses Road Rage And Idiocy To Cause Two-Car-Plus-Truck Wreck

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The lesson here? You don’t always have to be a dick. Sometimes, you just need to shrug off stupid shit and move on. The alternative can often end up like this, where one initial bad move by that Camaro got compounded into a three-way wreck, taking down an innocent trucker just doing their job. So what happened here?

If you watch the video, thoughtfully provided by new dashcam-owner Tim Linton, it looks like the driver in the Camaro attempted to aggressively cut in front of the ladder-hatted work truck, I suppose so the Camaro could get around the slow-moving tanker.

The problem was the Camaro really didn’t have room to complete the pass, and as a result just sort of tried to shove/intimidate the work truck out of the way — which, quick thought, is probably not a great idea to do to a work truck. A work truck is one of the few vehicles on the road where the driver probably doesn’t give a shit about paint scratches or dents, so they’re not great intimidation targets.

Anyway, Work Truck was understandably pissed at Camaro, so WT sped up, letting the Camaro in behind. Work Truck then drove alongside another truck, this one an 18 wheeler, and kept pace with the truck, trapping the Camaro in that hell of what seems to be roughly legal highway speeds.


Camaro is getting frustrated, dangerously tailgating the work truck. Camaro is clearly being a dick here — but a bit of blame should go to the Work Truck, who should have just thought “Fuck this assdrooler” and passed the truck, tucked into the right lane, and let Dr.Camarochump get to the bedwetter convention they were late for or whatever.

Instead, Camaro gets even crazier and more frustrated, tries a genuinely stupid left-shoulder pass, loses control of the car, and sends their Camaroselves and Work Truck right into poor minding-their-own-business Big Rig, all of which tumble dustily into the shoulder, like a bunch of wrestling dogs at the dog park.


So, to recap: Camaro: Moron, jackass. Work Truck: Not as bad, but should have just let the dickhead pass. Big Rig: Wrong place, wrong time. Sorry, buddy.

As always, be careful. There’s morons afoot.