It's Really Easy To Find C7 Corvettes For $10,000 Off

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With the first C8 Corvette deliveries on the horizon and a lot of 2018 and 2019 Corvettes on dealer lots, it’s becoming common to find five-figure discounts on Stingrays.


It’s already been a tough year for selling old inventory, so Chevy isn’t looking to hang on to front-engined Corvettes into the next calendar year. That means fantastic deals if you’re a normal buyer and insane deals if you’re a current Corvette owner.

This 2019 Corvette 1LT, for instance, is listed for $43,597. That includes a $3,000 Corvette Loyalty rebate, but the dealership confirmed that regular buyers can get it for $46,597. That’s $10,398 off of the car’s $56,995 sticker price.

But as most fans know, the base model is rarely the one to get. Don’t worry, as the drastic price cuts apply to the faster ‘Vettes as well. This Z06, for instance, is listed for $17,000 off. Once you subtract the Corvette Loyalty rebate and the GM New Employee rebate, it’s still over $10,000 off.

The Corvette Grand Sport, which occupies a sweet spot in the Corvette lineup, can also be found with significant discounts. This one is listed $14,000 below sticker, though the dealer does not specify which rebates that includes.

Of course, these are car dealership we’re talking about. It is definitely possible that many of these prices are artificially deflated to get you in the door. But it’s not one or two dealerships offering shady deals, it’s dozens of dealerships advertising $10,000-$13,000 off.


While most people won’t qualify for $13,000 off, there are enough with $10,000 off listed online to make it a definite possibility so long as you’re willing to travel. If you haggle, it’s not hard to imagine getting an even better deal.

And it’s worth noting that, though the mid-engined version is all the rage, the C7 Corvette was already a fantastic performance value. If you can get one for $46,000 or a Grand Sport for $52,000, you’re getting an insane amount of performance for your dollar. Plus, it’s your last chance to get a Corvette with a manual.

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Always wanted a Corvette and now in the financial situation to do so. C7 looks amazing to me. I’m 48yrs old (not a boomer!) and now it’s time to treat myself. Went to the local Chevy dealer in Burbank, CA last month and found one calling my name w/Z51 package. Sticker was $62K got it for $51K. Very little haggling. They wanted it gone. Couldn’t be happier.