A good car salesperson knows how to demonstrate the key qualities of a car just enough to convey the ideas to the potential buyer, but not so much that there’s any chance of failure. For example, you can talk about crumple zones without driving into a wall. Similarly, you can probably get the idea of anti-pinch sensors across without getting your head stuck in the car like some drunk toddler. Sometimes, though, things don’t work out like you planned.

This hapless salesguy at a Chinese car dealership—I think it’s a Buick dealership, and I think the car in question is a Buick GL8 minivan—made the grave error of attempting a live demo of a safety feature:

What I’m curious about is was this being video’d by a potential customer, or was the dealership attempting to make a little ad of some sort? Either way, mission accomplished.


So, pro tip: don’t stick your head into any car part that closes, opens, shuts, pinches, or pretty much anything.

If you absolutely have to get something pinched between parts of a car, do what the pros do and use a butt plug.

See? A simple sex toy could have helped that poor, writhing salesman close the deal.

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