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This Guy Used A Butt Plug To Show What's Wrong With Bentley Doors

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After we published a story about a Bentley owner claiming his Flying Spur's power doors will crush anything in their way due to the lack of safety features, the thing that really got your attention was the object he used to demonstrate the problem.


It certainly looked like a butt plug, but I'm no expert. We were wondering if it was a butt plug or just a very strangely shaped silicone wine stopper. Most of you thought the correct answer was the kinky one:


Well.. their purpose is to fit in cracks, so I guess it's logical to a degree.


I like the way it pop's out!



Talk about being anal about safety!


You would have thought he owned a Probe!


He was not kidding when he said he tried carrots and all sorts of stuff! Now that his wife's thumb has taken a more reasonable shape and size, he had to find a suitable replacement for the old thumb.


Hello I'm Justin:

Is the butt plug supposed to be symbolic of how he is going to rape Bentley with this law suit?


The internet is pretty much like Thunderdome. To clarify, I asked the big question, and here's what the owner told us:

I did (use a butt plug), and it was for the simple reason that it was the best thing that I could find to buy that had a similar consistency and size as a thumb that I could isolate and place in the door jamb. All the “fake” hands and other things we found were either too soft or we could not get a single digit into the door jamb in the same way. This item is soft on the outside and hard on the inside much like a thumb and is almost identical in width and length. Plus the handle on the end gave me a way to hang on to it and place it in the door jamb safely and accurately.

I really didn’t think anyone would care or even know what it is, and for those that understand the seriousness of the situation it does not matter. Nearly all of us have smashed a finger or toe in a door and quickly removed it and later we lost a nail which is no big deal. A better way to envision what this did to my wife would be to put your thumb into a vice and have someone else squish it down to less than ½ the normal thickness until your hear the bones crush, and then leave it there being crushed for 5 minutes. It's one thing to smash your finger for a couple seconds, it's another to crush it to the point of breaking the bones for 5 whole minutes straight. In the beginning the doctors told us that she might not ever be able to use her thumb again, but we got lucky as she did regain most of the use of her thumb.

It doesn’t take much of an imagination to think what could happen to a 5 year old child that gets their whole hand caught in the door and they don’t get lucky. We did not release this information to get sympathy from strangers or more money out of Bentley, we aren’t broke, and any amount we might get isn’t earth shattering. You don’t get millions for breaking your thumb. This is simply about the idea that if we said nothing and someone else was to get hurt or God forbid got hurt worse that would be irresponsible on our part.

One commenter on your site stated that he has a Bentley and that his car has a system that senses when something is in the way, however we asked Bentley about that and they told us flatly that not even their new cars have such a safety device.


Bad point for Bentley there, because in all seriousness, that Flying Spur sure has a tight grip.