Hot damn! It’s time to guess some car silhouettes! I know, right? This is what you’ve been waiting for – what makes all the bullshit worthwhile. It’s time, baby, it’s time, and I’m thrilled to be here, with you, at this magic moment.

Okay, ready? Let’s do this thing.

Number one is the top shot there. Want to see it again? For you, anything:


Okay, that was a warm-up. Nice and easy. Now, let’s switch to cars a little more recent, which I think makes this immeasurably harder:

That’s number two, and it’s tricky. But not as hard as old number three here:


Oh man. What the hell is that thing?

Okay, answers in the comments. This is great practice for when you get a job identifying severely back-lit cars for one of those huge car-identifying firms on Wall Street.


Good luck!

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