It Was So Hot On Friday A Plane Melted Into The Tarmac

Reddit user pdugaw was on a US Airways flight set to depart from Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. on Friday when the ground below the plane became so heated the plane sank into the tarmac and couldn't be towed out.

The Charleston, S.C.-bound plane was about to depart when the tow vehicle that was supposed to pull it out suddenly found itself battling with a plane stuck four inches below the surface of the tarmac.


Heat's been blamed for the incident, which makes sense given that the airport was still experiencing 100-degree weather at 7:00 pm. The actual heat on the ground must have been much higher.

Eventually, they deplaned and another tug was able to help unstick the regional aircraft.

Here's how pdugaw describes the experience:

They spent over an hour trying to get it out with the tug-truck, before they deplaned us. Still didn't work. Then they off-loaded luggage to try to make it even lighter and blasted the engines to try to get it out. After two hours, they gave up and cancelled the flight.


This is actually more common than you think.

(Hat tip to @NYTjim!)

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