Is Buick Relaunching The Riviera?

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On May 3rd, GM filed to trademark the name Riviera for use on automobiles, reports GM Inside News. In light of OnStar's recent reveal of the mysterious SS Performance, what the hell is this Riviera going to be?


GM last used the Riviera name on their Epsilon-based 2007 Riviera concept car (pictured above). There are rumors of the car using the RWD Alpha platform, but an Epsilon II-based coupe (think a two-door Buick Regal) also makes some sense.


GM isn't known for filing trademarks on names without eventually using them, says AutoGuide. Whatever GM does with the name, we hope they don't just slap it on another never-green-lit concept car that only makes Buick's showroom cars look blander by comparion.

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I'd like to see a new Riv, as long as it's classy and good looking.

On a similar note, I think the Riv was the only car that consistently looked good (at least better than the average 2 door at the time).