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1st Gear: OnStar Accidentally Confirms Chevrolet SS Performance, Cadillac ELR For 2014
Yesterday, for a short time, according to tech blogger Christopher Price, OnStar's website included the Chevrolet SS Performance and Cadillac ELR on a tab for model year 2014 GM compatible vehicles. Oops! If you'll remember, recent reports had pointed to the Chevrolet SS as the new rear-wheel drive sedan built off the same Zeta platform that birthed the Chevy Camaro, the now-dead Pontiac G8, the Caprice police car, and the Australia-only Holden Commodore.


2nd Gear: Chrysler Earns Highest Quarterly Profits In 13 Years
Chrysler said its first-quarter net income quadrupled on surging sales as the Fiat-owned automaker set a profit target of $1.5 billion for the year. Chrysler earned $473 million during the January-March period, up from $116 million a year earlier. See what bankruptcy can do for you!


3rd Gear: Pure Detroit, Chrysler Reach Settlement Over 'Imported From Detroit' Merchandise
And in more Chrysler news, the automaker has reached a settlement with Detroit clothing company Pure Detroit (the only place I know where you can buy authentic 'Detroit is for Lovers' boy bottom ladies underwear and pink 'Spirit of Detroit' ladies underwear) over the use of the "Imported from Detroit" slogan on T-shirts. Although terms of the settlement haven't been released, the Detroit News is reporting the clothing company will get to keep selling the shirts. It's an April miracle! Finally, there's at least one company in the city of Detroit that's legally able to sell 'Imported From Detroit' t-shirts.


4th Gear: Here's The New Jaguar F-Type Without The Camouflage
CAR Magazine's artists have stripped away the disguise of the official "spy photos" released by Jaguar of the upcoming F-type โ€” and they give one hell of a good stab at what the production F-type will look like. They also tell us that Jag will launch the F-type first as a soft-top roadster in spring 2013. A coupe will follow, most likely a year later in 2014. For more information, including their projected engine details, read the rest of the story here.


5th Gear: Lotus Gets To Finally Make Some Cars Again
Autocar reports that Lotus Cars has secured enough investment from its new Malaysian owner โ€” automotive giant DRB-Hicom โ€” to restore full car production at its Hethel assembly plant in the next few days. That means they can continue their build-up to the launch of the first of its new-wave models โ€” the Esprit supercar โ€” due in showrooms before the end of 2013. It also means that the four-model, five-year plan devised by CEO Dany Bahar has had to be amended because of the 60-day financial "freeze" that caused the production stoppage.


6th Gear: More 2014 Corvette Renderings That Look A Lot Like Ours
I just noticed that Automobile now has a rendering up of the 2014 Corvette, and like Car&Driver's cover shot and rear renderings โ€” they should look pretty familiar to you. That's because they're both basically made off of our first images showing what the new 'vette'll look like. It'd be nice if they credited us, don't you think?



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Today in Automotive History

On this day in 2009, Chrysler and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union reach a tentative deal that meets government requirements for the struggling auto manufacturer to receive more federal funding. [History]


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