Iron Man Crushes Cobra, We Cry

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Poor little Cobra. From what we can tell from this one screen shot found on the official Iron Man web site, the 427 we saw in the teaser shot of the Iron Man Super Bowl commercial — and then in the full commercial itself — doesn't quite make it out of the film in one piece. Ok, so it's probably obviously just a replica (It may be a big-budget flick, but nobody is THAT careless). Either way, we're saddened by the loss. Maybe Iron Man is just placing old supercars on notice, seeing as he does also have that Audi R8. Whatever the reason and despite it more than likely being a kit car, we lament the need to destroy one for the Coliseum crowds coming to watch this comic book cinematic spectacle. (Hat tip to Earl!)


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Rob Emslie

That's Robert Downey Jr, so it's probably just him waking up in the neighbor's garage after a night of drug-infused debauchery.