Audi "Green Police" Super Bowl Commercial

UPDATE: Audi's "Green Police" Super Bowl commercial's featuring the A3 TDI wagon is right here above!

Here it is, hours before Audi's "Truth In Engineering" Super Bowl commercial is supposed to air before hundreds of millions of Super Bowl viewers this evening. The commercial's filled with all the tinges of the "Godfather" we were told to expect when Audi's Scott Keogh said the automaker with many rings would be going a little bit more "West Coast" in their marketing of luxury. So go ahead and watch as Audi puts "Old Luxury" on notice with the Audi R8. Remember to check out the rest of our automotive Super Bowl commercial fun as we get more of the crazy car ads up throughout the night — especially as we'll probably be seeing the Audi R8 once more this evening in the Iron Man Super Bowl commercial.

[via Truth In Engineering]


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