Scott Keogh, Audi of America's chief marketing officer says the multi-ringed brand all about precision's got an evolving style of luxury. Speaking at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Keogh says at the moment there are two different kinds of luxury battling it out in the marketplace. The first is "old luxury...traditionally grounded in Europe. A Swiss watch. High quality. A traditional definition of prestige." Keogh claims the second is "new luxury" evoking a "West Coast" sensibility with "a more casual attitude, a sense of Zen and spirit and those types of things." So what's Audi going to do โ€” are they going to go more "East Coast" or "West Coast?"

Well, it seems Audi says they'll be keeping the "old luxury" sense of "quality" while "bringing to life these new-age values coming mostly from the West Coast such as innovation and design." To get that message across, Audi will unveil a 60-second TV commercial during the Super Bowl. The film " The Godfather" is the theme for the commercial because the movie addresses old and new power, the company has said previously. See, we'd think with all this West Coast love and California love coming from Audi, they'd be using something like "Tha Doggfather" as their theme โ€” just something to give the love to their homies on the West side. [via Automotive News]