Internet Votes Dale Earnhardt Jr. Onto Cover Of New Nascar Game

Over 775,000 votes were cast online to put Dale Earnhardt Jr. onto the cover of Nascar® The Game(™): Inside Line. It looks like Nascar fans aren't the tech-averse no-nothings haters think they are.

It's no surprise that Earnhardt Jr. would edge out Kasey Kahne for the cover spot, given that Dale's been Nascar's Mr. Congeniality most popular driver nine times.


While the Sprint Cup cars just started to use fuel injection, Nascar management has clearly learned how to run a successful online poll, which is more than can be said for Mountain Dew after their recent Nazi-themed mishap. Even the drivers are tech-savvy enough to get on Twitter in the middle of a race. Stock cars have come a long way from moonshine running.


The game itself is made by Activision and has all the cars, drivers, and 23 tracks of the regular season. You can see what the gameplay will look like in this clip at Bristol, where the Sprint Cup will head this weekend.


The game comes out November 6 and is console-only for Xbox, Playstation, and the Wii.

Photo Credit: Nascar The Game

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